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Authors Book Landing Page : Layout Design Essentials

A book landing page is essential to getting your written word seen and purchased. Yes, the ‘cover sells the book’ still stands, but so does your site.

What is a landing page?  They are used for lead generation, the general goal is to convert site visitors into book sales or leads. It’s a place to send one to get all the info in a glance. Single / one-page sites that hold all your information on one screen, no menus, only out clicks are to purchase or share.

Your page should be your short story to your novel, a clear snippet that makes your reader yearn for more.

Every author needs to show something different, what makes your book special. Here are some sections to include….

*For our examples, we used Pretty by Tammy Strait.  tammystrait.com/pretty >

Call to Action

Use the space above the fold (before the screen has to be scrolled down) to make your readers want more. Display your cover, book copy text and quick links to other sections or straight to the cart. This is the MOST IMPORTANT part of your whole page, this will make or break whether you have captured your reader and they continue on or exit.


Sales Copy & Buy Options

Another change to entice.  More book information and all links to buy.


Video Trailer or Illustrations

Show a flick, inside illustrations or stock images to visually explain your book, plus a click to buy.


Book Testimonial Reviews

Share what other readers think, plus a click to buy.


Get Social!

Give your readers a fun, quick way to spread the word. Animated banners, quote graphics, social media images, copy + paste codes for easy install – the more options, the better.



Newsletter Sign-up

Include a way to keep your reader in the loop for book updates and future reads. Use a sticky bar (such as HelloBar) or additional section for a sign-up box.


About Author

For this page, we did not include it as a section since Tammy has a beautiful About page and is linked to at the top of the page. If your About page is non-existant or not related to you as an author, you should include a section that includes a headshot and something personal about why you wrote your masterpiece.

Pretty Landing Page

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