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Design Process

1. Contact & Get on the List

After you have viewed our portfolio and investment packages below, submit your design request in full detail to newshopdesign@aol.com or via our online form. Request will be reviewed and replied to within 48 hours. Our waiting list fills up fast, no vacancy for weeks at a time, get on it! Once you receive your quote, make a deposit to grab the next available spot.

2. Get on your mark!

I will need you to focus here. Dig deep and explore what your brand is about and how you can get serious with it. I will supply you with a in depth design brief to get your motor running. It will take some time to complete (a bit of research too), but it is created to get the best out of everything you do. Not only will this help us give you a outstanding design, but help you see if there are other areas that can use some help.

3. Design & Development

Based on the design brief, the creation magic will get started (on list date). Now you can go back to what you do and let us do what we do! Your first proof will be delivered in as little as two weeks and you can get back in.

4. Finishing Touches

At this time, you review and make any changes needed. We ask that you be as honest as you can with your input, love or hate, we are tough – we can take it! 3 rounds of revisions are included in {most} projects, additional will require a fee.

5. Launch!

Once approved and full payments are made, your site will be installed and/or files transferred. We will continue to work with you after install for another few days to make sure you are comfortable with the controls and everything is running smoothly.

Payments Due :

Deposit – 10% of Project Total

by Start Date – 40% of Project Total

at Finishing Touches, BEFORE Launch – 50% Project Total Balance


email us at
or use the online form ►

We look forward to working with you!